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Will Raskin


In the Director role, Will is responsible for leading client engagements, from initial scoping through final analysis and presentation, as well as supporting the development of junior staff. He also manages Sterling's team of experienced market interview consultants. Will joined Sterling in 2017 after graduating with honors from Williams College with a degree in English Literature and earning a MPhil from the University of Cambridge.

Which of Sterling’s values resonates most with you / your experience?

“'We are flexible and nimble.' We're often operating on short timelines, but we don't just set a plan and hit 'go.' We're often learning alongside our clients, and we're always ready to pivot if needed, whether it's changing our methodology or thinking of new questions to ask along the way. For our staff, this means we're not just 'painting by number'—instead we're constantly thinking of the best ways to answer our clients' key questions. This flexibility extends beyond project work: We change our processes when someone suggests a more efficient way, and ideas come from everyone.”


Dallas, TX

Year joined



  • Reading
  • Film
  • Volleyball

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