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TJ Gooley

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate, TJ contributes across a wide range of project functions. We rely on TJ to communicate with clients, manage participant outreach campaigns, drive insight through analysis / synthesis, build reports, and help communicate findings to clients—in addition to taking ownership of specific portions of a given engagement. TJ graduated from Wake Forest with a degree in Politics + International Affairs.

What's been the most valuable development experience for you at Sterling?

“I've found that being in a position where I have the opportunity to take on greater responsibility as soon as I'm ready for it has accelerated my professional development. Being in a position where you are trusted, and often needed, to tackle new challenges has allowed me to grow as an individual and within my role here. I appreciate that the level of responsibility I have tracks with my development—it encourages me to keep improving so as to be counted on more. And I think that progress loop is tighter at a smaller, very team-centric firm.”


Westchester, NY

Year joined



  • Soccer / Hockey / Skiing
  • Cooking
  • Watching pro sports

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