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TJ Gooley

Project Leader

In the Project Leader role, TJ helps lead client engagements from initial scoping and data collection through final analysis and presentation, and he contributes to the development of junior staff. He also supports Sterling's research operations through a range of internal / operational responsibilities. TJ graduated from Wake Forest with a degree in Politics + International Affairs.

What's been the most valuable development experience for you at Sterling?

“I've found that being in a position where I have the opportunity to take on greater responsibility as soon as I'm ready for it has accelerated my professional development. Being in a position where you are trusted, and often needed, to tackle new challenges has allowed me to grow as an individual and within my role here. I appreciate that the level of responsibility I have tracks with my development—it encourages me to keep improving so as to be counted on more. And I think that progress loop is tighter at a smaller, very team-centric firm.”


Westchester, NY

Year joined



  • Soccer / Hockey / Skiing
  • Cooking
  • Competitive Skeeball

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