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Rob Ciofani


As a Partner, Rob is responsible for leading client engagements, from initial scoping through final analysis and presentation. He also oversees Associate Development. In his time at Sterling, Rob has been responsible for building many of the processes that underpin Sterling's research operations and has helped cultivate Sterling's web survey capabilities. Rob is a graduate of Harvard University.

Which of Sterling’s values resonates most with you / your experience?

“'We continuously improve.' I love that the Sterling team strives for continuous improvement—at the individual level and at the firm level. At the individual level, it's clear that our people are always working hard to develop as professionals and as people, driven both by their own experience and self-reflection as well as Sterling's development mechanisms. And at the firm level, we're always looking to hone our processes and methodologies. Rather than ask A version of the question, we really do strive to ask THE BEST version of the question. The spirit of that pursuit—of 'continuous improvement'—is a cornerstone of our culture and success.”


Cleveland, OH

Year joined



  • Listening to / collecting music
  • Gaming
  • Cooking

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