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Melissa Guo

Project Leader

In the Project Leader role, Melissa helps lead client engagements from initial scoping and data collection through final analysis and presentation, and she contributes to the development of junior staff. She also supports Sterling's research operations through a range of internal / operational responsibilities. Melissa joined Sterling in 2017 after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied Psychological & Brain Science, Finance, and Mathematics.

Which of Sterling’s values resonates most with you / your experience?

“'We are truly a team.' I genuinely appreciate that Sterling's atmosphere is one of camaraderie, and not of competition between peers. I don't go into the office every day feeling like I'm 'competing' against my peers, because I'm not—success is not a zero sum game at Sterling. I go into the office knowing that my teams are all working towards a common goal. I pitch in to help others when needed, and I know that others will help me when I need it.”


Nashville, TN

Year joined



  • Gaming
  • Swimming
  • Rooting for the Titans / Preds

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