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Hudson Lee


In the Associate role, Hudson contributes across a wide range of project functions. Among other responsibilities, we rely on Hudson to communicate with clients, manage participant outreach campaigns, drive insight through analysis / synthesis, build reports, and help communicate findings to clients. Hudson graduated from Brown University, where he studied International Relations and Philosophy.

Which of Sterling’s values resonates most with you / your experience?

“'We continuously improve.' I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge base, become more efficient, and learn from those around me. As a firm, Sterling is committed to those same values. We continuously keep track of successful processes and methodologies that can be applied to future projects. We value the input of all team members. And we never settle for thinking the current way is the best way. Sterling is also committed to the training and development of its employees. I've benefited immensely from the structured training sessions, advice from management, and experiences of my peers. I value working at a firm that matches my ambition for continuous improvement.”


Chatham, NJ

Year joined



  • Rugby
  • BBQ (Korean or American)
  • Podcasts

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