Current openings

Sterling Associates offers new hires unique opportunities. The Associate role is our entry-level consulting position, and there are opportunities for advancement beyond that. (Most of our managers started as Associates!)

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Sterling Associates is a boutique consulting / market research firm that develops custom business intelligence.

We support our clients by helping them identify, prioritize, and answer key questions—questions that underpin their most important business decisions, including strategy development, potential investments, salesforce effectiveness, new market entry, and other initiatives. We design and execute research projects to test client hypotheses and guide decision-making. Projects are tailored to address the unique issues and questions each case presents.

Sterling will be a great fit for you:
  • If you’re invigorated by learning
  • If you’re energized by teamwork and collaboration
  • If you like solving problems and don’t back away from a challenge
  • If you like to ask questions and find answers
  • If you’re a data-driven, analytical thinker
  • If you’re excited about serving clients that are at the top of their field
  • If you’re a true team player and are happy to lend a colleague a hand
  • If you want to build (or build upon) a strong research skill set
  • If you like to come up with new / better ways to do things
  • If you want to know everyone at your office by name

Explore our city

We love our city, and we expect you will too. Whether Sterling would serve as your introduction to Cleveland (like it’s been for most of our team!) or just a “welcome back,” Cleveland has a lot to offer—world-class cultural institutions, a spectacular waterfront, an awesome parks system, and a wide range of other amenities.